I've Got a Secret to Tell You...


We are so excited that we have another little goob on the way! We've known for over a month, but we've miscarried before and it's not so fun when the whole world knows you are pregnant, yet nobody seems to get the memo that you are no longer so. I had people coming up to me for months afterwards asking how my pregnancy was going. Are you kidding me? Do you see an 8 month baby bump? I'm currently only 9.5 weeks, but since you show much sooner with your second, it's becoming increasingly hard to hide it. I had 3 people ask me this weekend if I was pregnant. Hey at least they aren't assuming that I'm just getting fat!

Look at that thing! No wonder I couldn't hide it anymore.

Since I have had about a month to process this information, here are my thoughts:
  • Our babies will be 18 months apart which makes me so excited for them to become good friends, but scared for what that means when I have TWO babies around. TWO sets of poopy diapers, TWO crying babies, TWO snotty nosed kids to cart around....am I ready for this?
  • I miscarried before Eva at 10 weeks, which makes me feel really nervous about sharing this news at 9.5 weeks. But with that pregnancy I wasn't sick at all, and hadn't noticed that the last weeks I didn't even have ANY symptoms (like sore boobs). With Eva I was nasty sick, puking my guts out every day. I have been fortunate enough to not be puking my guts out but in some weird way it would be reassuring to be doing so...then I would know this baby is fine. I do have some reassurance though because everyday I am slightly nauseous and insanely tired. No sore boobs, but I've googled it and apparently thats normal. Fingers crossed.
  • Eva is such an amazing baby (barely cries, sleeps through the night, happy go-lucky all the time) that I'm terrified this baby will be the exact opposite. One thing that actually does make me not so nervous is Kelly at Filtering Life. She had an amazing first baby, and what do you know? Lightening did strike twice and her new baby is just as sweet and perfect. (She also had her babies 18 months apart, which is nice to read about her journeys).
  • This baby was not exactly planned, but still completely wanted and loved. While it may not have been our timing, this baby is coming at a perfect time. I will be able to substitute teach in the fall and get a much better maternity leave this time around (yay for not being poor!) I will also be able to apply for full time positions for next fall, since this baby will be 8 months by then.
  • I'm just so dang excited!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am just bubbling with excitement!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you! I can't wait to talk to you!!!

Jules said...

Congrats! That is just so exciting!! My hubby and I are trying again now too! I am happy for all 3 of you :) Maybe we could be prego together?? we will see, keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! I am having the same exact syptoms as you but dont know yet??

Anonymous said...

OMG! how exciting! Congrats!! reading all this reminds me of when we were expecting #2. She was so different than our first in every way! And our girls are 17 months apart. You'll love it, one day they're best friends and the next not so much lol, but it's all worth it! I wish you all the best through this pregnancy, *hugs*

Vanessa said...

congratulations! I'm so excited for you and Steve. We'll keep you and the baby's health in our prayers and I must say that you look amazing pregnant!

Mandy said...

Congratulations, Kindra and Steve! So happy for you guys!!! Take care of yourself..

Filtering life said...

Congrats Kindra! I am glad I can be an encouragement to you. Lord knows it is mostly minute to minute that I have to keep a sense of humor to keep a sense of sanity. I know it will get better every day. honestly, Chloe is usually the harder one because she wants so much one on one time at this age and isn't old enough to go color or do playdough or any activity that would eat up 30 minutes. I konw they will be best buds in no time, but for now...they need a LOT of Kelly. You look fantastic. I can't believe you are showing at 9.5 weeks, holy cow. But you do weigh like 50lbs....so your little bean would stick out. Blessings to you and your precious wee one. May God sustain you during this time.

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