Puppy Love

I'm beginning to wondering if I gave birth to a baby or a puppy.

Eva's favorite thing to do now, is to crawl up to wherever Steve and I are eating and beg for food. She flashes us these big, sad puppy dog eyes until we are compelled to share our food with her. It's quite cute, but there must be some bad habits forming. She will sit and stare and watch and if we aren't quick to share, she will let out a little squeal telling us of her disgust. "Are you kidding me?! You are not sharing?!" The nice thing is, we didn't want a picky eater and I really don't think she will be. She eats whatever we give her.

Every morning I have a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter on it to calm my morning sick tummy. Eva crawls up to me staring with knowing eyes that she will be eating my toast soon enough. She has come to love peanut butter toast, and this morning I decided for breakfast to give her a piece of her own. I hate cleaning up goop everywhere, so I wasn't about to pick peanut butter out of her ears and toes, so I fed it to her, but my little piggy ate the whole piece of toast! By herself! Plus a cup of yogurt!

Her other "puppy-like" qualities include crawling up to us just to lay her head in our lap. It melts my heart every time :) She has also learned that our laps make a good Kleenex when boogies arise, and gives her nose a good rub down across our pant legs. It's great. I love baby snot on my clothes.

Now I just have to teach her how to do tricks...like lay down, roll over, and fold her own laundry. Wait...she's already learned how to do the first 2, so I just gotta work on that last one.


Anonymous said...

This is such a funny, cute post. It gave me a good laugh!

Carla said...

So cute! Sierra begs now too.

Vanessa said...

What a funny post. Isn't it interesting how quickly they learn how to get what they want?

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