Eye Goobers

This was my poor pathetic girl this morning:

That's her new sleep sack. There's going to be no more of this or this let me tell you!

She was so snotty and had these goopy red eyes. I got really worried about her because she slept for about 13 hours until 10am this morning! My poor girl was feeling so miserable so we took her to see the doc.

Yep. It's an eye infection.
He said it could have been caused by anything, but there's a good chance it was her playing in her own feces that did it. He says it's pretty contagious if she's touching her eyes and then touching other stuff...but he figures Steve and I should be pretty safe. Uh...yeah right...with her nuzzling her snotty nose and goobery tears into our necks, arms, laps, anywhere she can get to rub her face around she is doing it. Don't be surprised if you see pics of Steve and I in the next few days looking like this:

Despite all the snot and eye goobers, she is still very pleasant. She looks miserable, but she is a happy camper. Go figure.


Jules said...

poor little thing! Maybe she got some of that wonderful pooh from her crib in her eyes??hee hee I know all my friends kids are sick and even my little Gage! He finally started antibotics today, hopefully that helps! Good luck to you, hopefully she gets better soon :)

Mandy said...

Awwww.....poor Eva! It's so terrible seeing them sick. How is she doing now?

Anonymous said...

aww poor little cutie. I sure hope she's feeling better.

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