Birthday Fun

Ahhh. Yesterday was a wonderful low-key birthday with much fun in the pool,

a daisy cake made by yours truly,

wonderfully thoughtful and generous gifts,

great friends and a little girl that is so special to me I was willing to share my birthday with her.

After all the hoopla of the baby pool party, Steve took me out for supper where I gorged myself on Salmon Linguine in a Dill Cream Sauce. There really is no greater indulgence for me than a gigantic bowl of pasta, good bread and a deliciously garlicky Caesar salad. Mmmm....carberrific! My doctor has been slightly worried about me since I haven't gained any weight since being pregnant (I actually lost some), but I'm sure I more than made up for the lost pounds last night.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone!


Jules said...

aww happy birthday to both of you! How fun!! Hope your day was great!

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