My Baby Is A Genius!!

I'm sure all parents feel like their baby is the best in the world, the cutest, the smartest, the prettiest....can't beat the sparkle we get in our eyes when our children make us proud.

Eva's gone and done me UBER proud. She totally started walking this week!

She is 14 months old and for the last 2 months she's been very determined to walk ALL BY HERSELF. Whenever we tried to help her by holding her hands, she'd go all jelly legs on us, throw her head back, scrunch up her nose and whine as if to say "I don't waaaaaaaaaa-nna." We figured we'd just let her be and she would do it when she was good and ready.

Randomly I would walk into the room and catch her standing up not holding onto anything. When I would exclaim "Good job Eva!" she'd get all embarrassed like I caught her stealing some cookies and fall to her bum. Last week, whenever I wasn't looking she was attempting to take a few steps on her own. I would just catch glimpses of it and wasn't sure if my eyes were deceiving me. Sure enough, when I would hold out a toy or her sippy cup she would toddle over to me a few steps. I would praise her and exclaim loudly "GOOD GIRL!!" She likes that. She gets a huge smile and claps her hands and you can read her mind and totally tell she is thinking... "I'm awesome."

Again, randomly, for no reason, she just up and started walking yesterday afternoon. She just picked herself up...and walked across the room. And kept doing it.

She's so great.

The other reason my baby is a genius is because she has also caught onto sign language this week. I am now no longer frustrated feeding her, because she turns her hands up in the air and says "All Done" (well...not actually says it...she signs it). It's a breakthrough! I love that I can communicate with her, and she back. I'm much less frustrated and she is too.

Yeah...she's gonna get a PhD's pretty much inevitable.


Mandy said...

That is so great that Eva is walking. It's amazing how much trouble they can get into once they start walking! That's neat that she has picked up baby sign language!

Kindra said...

Yeah, it's pretty cute seeing her try to steady herself as she carefully pitter-patters across the floor. I'm also discovering that she really likes the reaction she gets out of me when she signs. She'll sign "all done" 20 times during a meal and still open up her mouth for more food. I'm going to have to take her up on the offer, and teach her that she really is ALL DONE when she signs that :)

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