Where is the Chilly Autumn Air?

I really can't get over how gorgeous our October has been. The mind wants to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea and smell a pot of soup simmering away on the stove while staring out the window at the autumn leaves....yet the body can't do that when it's 25 degrees and still feeling like summer. I thought I'd get in on the warm weather before it disappears into crisp, fall air....so I took Eva and her friend Brooklyn out for a walk.

It had been at least a month and a half since I had been on a walk. This summer Eva and I walked everywhere; we went on one hour walks almost everyday. I discovered it's much harder for a 6.5 month pregnant body to go out on a brisk jaunt than a 4 month pregnant body. I made it 2 blocks from the house and was sweating for the heat and panting out of breath.

I hid the sweat well.

The babies frolicked and crunched in the yellowing leaves. Brooklyn just wanted to run around and explore.

While Eva was unsure of the uneven ground and decided to examine things from where she sat.

Apparently, both Eva and Brooklyn discovered the best way to "experience" nature is to taste it.

Eventually, Eva crawled her way to sturdier ground and showed off her new walking skills.

It was a great way to enjoy a warm autumn afternoon....just me and a couple of curious babies.


steve said...

that last picture is amazing!!! I love it!

Kindra said...

That's cuz you make cute babies :)

Vanessa said...

The weather has been amazing, hasn't it? Yay for Eva walking! That's so exciting. Hope you guys get out for a few more walks before the chilly weather comes.

Anonymous said...

The weather WAS great here, not so much anymore and now I'm sad I didn't enjoy it more :( Great pics!!!

Kindra said...

Yeah, I'm definitely missing it already.

Melanie Young said...

Kindra! I love these new pics of Eva and you! You guys are adorable! Actually Eva is adorable and you are hot! Go Girl!!! I love reading your blog and check it and read archived stuff when I can.

Kindra said...

Thanks Mel! Yeah blogging works out well for keeping up to date with stuff...since you are all the way in AFRICA?! Miss you guys!!

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