Farewell Kindergarteners

We are still without a Christmas tree, but I was able to cross a few more things off my list today so the gap is closing. Funny thing is knowing us, we will put it up 2 days before Christmas and then we will also procrastinate taking it down so it will be here until February!

Despite the lack of Christmas tree, I have still been able to take part in many Christmas festivities because of being in the Kindergarten room all month. We practiced for their Christmas concert for WEEKS singing joyous jingles and sweet nativity songs. Once that was over we had Christmas crafts, cookies, songs, field trips and more filling up the last few weeks. It was so rewarding seeing the joy on the kids faces.

Thursday was my last day in the classroom and I left with a massive bag of presents from the kids. This job has been amazing for me. I was so blessed to have been able to work in the Kindergarten room for close to 8 weeks (longer than the original teacher had taught them!) and to work with such fabulous staff. Before I left, I made the staff some cute Christmas treats for the staffroom:

They are Cornflake Wreaths made in the fashion of rice krispy treats, dyed green and adorned with red candies for holly. They are so cute and really yummy. I also individually packaged a wreath for each of my students with a little card attached telling them how great it was to be their teacher.

For the two Kindergarten Aids that were my lifesavers the whole time I gave homemade Chocolate Chai Almond Biscotti, cute Christmas towels and a matching red plate. I also wrote them each a note telling them how much I appreciated them.

This was such an amazing school and an amazing experience. As I left I got hugs from many of the teachers including the Principal. They all wished me luck on the new babe and I promised to be back to show her off in the New Year. It's always sad leaving a group of kids that you've grown so attached to.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you are so thoughtful and amazing Kindra!!!

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to sign as being from Tarilie. I really need to get an ID!

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