Ready For A Break

My one to two week subbing job, has turned into an eight week stay. We have been so blessed that I got this job and had steady work and a big ol' paycheck for December and January...we are definitely going to need it. I'm loving hanging out with the Kindergarten's every day, and the teacher aid just informed me that I have actually been there longer now than their actual teacher. It's amazing how invested in the kids you become.

I have 1 1/2 more weeks of steady work and then FINALLY I get to take a break on the 20th. No more teaching and no more optical store. I'm really looking forward to the time off, getting rid of the dust bunnies in my house, as well as the mountains of laundry that are ever growing and always wrinkled. It's been tired to say the least. I'm a mere 4 weeks from my due date and feeling every bit of my pregnancy: raging heartburn, killer hemorrhoids, burning hot feet, sore back, and just recently I started getting light headed and dizzy. Oh so fun. But I'm truckin' through.

Not working can't come soon enough though. Last Friday as I got ready for work, I threw Eva in the bathtub so I could keep an eye on her while I put on my makeup and straightened my hair. Our vanity mirror directly faces the tub and she loves to splash and play with her toys. As I was thinking to myself how brilliant I was for thinking of this idea to keep her busy, I leaned in closer to the vanity mirror and squinted. "Are there more toys in the tub than before?" As I whirled around I saw my daughter reaching for one of her many turds that were now floating all around her in the tub. YUCK! I yanked her out of the tub and as I concentrated on cleaning up her mess, her little naked body started running and squealing through the bedrooms to see what other trouble she could find. I gagged and dry heaved as I emptied the tub of all the toys, water and "presents" she had left me. The added time it took me to clean up the mess, wrangle her naked writhing body into some clothes and grab us both breakfast made me late for work. So much for my "brilliant" idea.

Yes, subbing has been great. But a break will be much greater :)


Anonymous said...

haha, I love your little morning story! I can't imagine how exhausted you must be. I am completely ready for a break and I am not Mother to a one year old and soon to be newborn!! Good for you for getting through it. I am still so excited for you that you got that job though, it couldn't have worked out better hey!!! Only one more week of teaching, yay for Christmas! AND everytime I hold my little neice I think of you and I am SOO excited for you guys to be having your baby here so soon!!!

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