My Spitfire Isabella

I want to gobble this girl up.  She is fiery and challenging, sweet and joyful all in one.  From about the time she was 5 months old I knew she was going to be very different than Eva.  Her babyhood was chill and sleep-filled, yet when she hit the 5 month mark all of the sudden her little legs didn't stop moving.  She would lie on the floor and flap her arms and kick her legs for hours.  Eva started calling her "kicky Bella" and her arm flapping looked like she was a bird trying to take flight.  She squealed with glee and yelled in anger.  There isn't a dry spot on my shirt when I put her in the bathtub.  She is full of boundless energy and keeps her emotions on the surface, ready to change and spill over at any moment.

It amazes me how stubborn she can be.  Before she was a year old we taught her baby sign language for "all done" and "more", and she caught on instantly.  We squealed with joy for her and she wore a huge toothy grin as we all clapped for her.  Her ability to catch on so quickly surprised me since Eva took over 6 months to learn the same signs.  But from that day forward she refused to sign more or all done.  She would rather whine, point and scream to get her point across.  Steve and I would sit at the table totally frustrated going "BELLA.  MO-O-O-ORE (big exaggerated sign) or ALL DO-N-N-NNE (more big exaggerated signs)" to which she would whine and scream some more.  One day when we stopped asking her she eventually just signed "more" as if it was no big deal.  Her idea, she thought of it, she decided to do it.  She has been the same way with learning to walk.  In a little over a week she will be 17 months.  About 2 months ago she took 20 steps consecutively many times in the same day.  We all clapped and praised Bella.  The next day she decided she wanted NONE of it.  She hasn't walked since.  Her strong will is proving to be a huge challenge for Steve and I, yet I know how much God is teaching me and stretching me through it. 

Despite her stubborn nature and her ability to scream her face off when there is an injustice of a turd caught between her bum cheeks, she is so sweet and joyful.  She laughs unabashedly and squinches up her nose to show all her teeth and that adorable dimple when she smiles.  She adores her big sister, following her everywhere (much to Eva's annoyance) and doing everything Eva does.  She has spunk and is willing to go down the big slide at the park, even though her big sister refuses.  They are so different, yet I hear them squeal with delight as they play and chase after one another and Eva's mouse voice proclaiming "Bella's my best friend!"  Isabella looks forward to hugs and kisses from her big sister at bedtime, crawling as fast as she can towards Eva and beaming from ear to ear.  Those girls melt my heart.

She's too busy playing to sit still during the day, yet right before bed when the lights are off she rests her little head on my shoulder, breaths a deep sigh and lets her body go limp to let me cuddle her.  That's one of my favorite moments.  Cuddling my little Isabelly. 

I love you my baby girl.  Spitfire spunkiness and all.


Ashley Duiker said...

"injustice of a turd caught between her bum cheeks" - Sorry this was way too funny!

Your girls are so sweet and bright and just wonderful :) They are clearly loved and are lucky to have amazing parents who love them to bits all with a sense of humor.

Being a mom is awesome :)

young mother hubbard said...

Kindra you blog is a joyful read! You have a great way with words and of describing your girls.

Your little Bella sounds so similar to my Edmund. The differences between older and younger siblings are similar to my boys too. Isn't is fascinating and amazing how individual our children are!

Thanks for sharing your blog. I'm definitely going to be a regular reader!

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Thanks Heather! As a preschool teacher, it's funny how often I hear the same thing from other parents "my first was so calm and quiet and my second is so wild and loud." That's my girls in a nutshell :)

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