I've probably uttered the words "Are you clean and dry?" 6042 times...

About 3 weeks ago Eva began the process to becoming diaper-free.  SO EXHAUSTING.  The first couple days my patience was worn thin and I was so discouraged I was ready to call it quits.  But then day 3 happened...and she stayed completely dry all day with no accidents!  She started doing really well after that, and her accidents started becoming few and far between. 

Until a dreaded stomach bug went ripping through her intestines.....

It completely derailed her potty training since she couldn't control anything coming out of her back end for about 5 days.  She went back into diapers and I cried a little inside.  I was hoping the step back into diapers wouldn't confuse her, but the pull-ups just weren't containing what her little body was putting out. 

The first week she was back in panties was not so good.  She was doing worse that when she STARTED potty training.  Everyday she was asking me for a diaper and when I refused she'd request "Dora panties" (pull-ups).  She obviously can tell the difference and they were giving her permission to not even try going on the potty.  I decided it was time for me to suck it up, put her in panties and deal with the messes as they came.  We'll just rent a carpet steam cleaner when this potty training is all over ;)

This was actually the smartest decision I could have made, because she has been doing excellent ever since.  We even stopped with pull-ups at nap time by taping garbage bags to the top of her mattress.  It's been 4 days and she hasn't had an accident during naptime once!  Before she'd always wake up with a wet pull-up after naptime, but it's forced her to pee on the potty before naptime and stay clean and dry during.  I can't believe she's doing it!

With the exception of a few accidents here and there, I'd say my little girl is almost potty trained. 

....And all the angels sang and Mommy rejoiced.....


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