My Sweet Eva

I've thought about this blog often as I periodically revisit and read old posts, remembering little 'isms' and quirks about my girls that were cute/funny but didn't last long.  The memory of them has since faded but the words and pictures and stories on this here blog preserved them.  I was missing the reflection on our little journey as we grow together as a family.  So I'm back to write, but only to my friends and family whom have been invited.  I'm glad you could share in these stories with me.

Eva is now 2 months away from her third birthday and all baby and toddlerness has disappeared and in it's place is this beautiful little girl.  The older she gets the more she reminds me of myself. She's social and loves play dates, but she is also very introverted.  She loves alone time to quietly read books, color, or do a puzzle.  That girl could read for hours, and almost every one of the books on her shelf has been her "favorite" at one time.  When she's alone she reads the books to herself, reciting the parts she remembers and has heard us read a million times over, or just describing what's happening in the pictures.  I always wanted kids who valued books and I'm so glad that Eva has a love for reading.

I remember when I started to teach Preschool in the fall, and I had a classroom full of 3 year old's.  Eva was just freshly 2 and I couldn't believe that in one short year Eva would grow and change so much to be as capable, skilled and mature as them.  Her language has absolutely exploded this year, as she's speaking in full sentences, developing her thoughts, learning the difference between "you", "I", and "me" and even figuring out verb tenses.  I'm always amazed at how much she understands and how she absorbs the things we say, case in point when she exclaimed "holy crap!" the other day when looking at the mess of toys on the floor. Steve and I burst into laughter and sheepishly shook our heads, realizing that everything we say has an audience.

She is also like her Mama in that she is not very athletic.  She still cannot jump which she should be able to at her age, but she is unbelievably gifted in her fine motor skills.   She holds her crayons the way an adult would, and she's meticulous about trying to color within the two and a half!  She draws circles, squares and other shapes.  She'll draw things and tell me "Mommy look.  A duck"  and the shape will actually kind of look like a duck.  She could play with play dough, color, and paint all day if I let her.  She can also do 24 piece puzzles all by herself which is a 4 year old skill.  She amazes me everyday.

Eva is a soft and gentle spirit.  She is slow to anger, and would spill fat tears over her big green eyes before lashing out angrily.  We've been blessed to avoid the "terrible two's" with her.  She is sweet and cuddly, loving and gracious.  She loves to help Mommy and Daddy and share (sometimes) with her little sister.

We just love this girl to bits.


Painted said...

Yay! I am so glad that you decided to start up this blog again! We have missed your posts and hearing about your fam! We LOVED it when you posted some new oics of the girls on facebook the other day- Eva is so much bigger and so beautiful- she looks more and more like you Kin! And Bella- wow she has also grown so much and she is really looking a lot like Steve!
Look forward to hearing more about you all :)

We love you guys and miss the crap out of you!

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Thanks Bree! I had actually been hearing from quite a few people that they missed me writing in this blog. I didn't realize how much I missed it until a bunch of time had gone by and those special moments with the girls weren't written down.

And it's so true...Eva is looking more and more like me and Bella like Steve! Although, somehow they are still preserving that look of being sisters.

Love and miss you too!

Carla said...

I, too, am glad you are back! It is crazy to think that we are moms of two and that our older kids are almost three.

Ashley Duiker said...

Eva is so precious! It seems unbelievable that Zoey is someday going to be that grown up!

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Carla - It's so true, I cannot get over we have almost THREE year old's! This age is so fun.

Ashley - Thanks! Yep, it's hard to imagine how they will act and who they will be when they are still so small. But the time goes by incredibly fast. It seems like I was JUST in your shoes!

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