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If you notice along the right side of this blog there are labels that I give to posts to help categorize them.  One such label hasn't been used in over two years....a little something called "Gettin' Skinneee".  Nope haven't use it, blogged about it, or attempted it in real life.  I've always looked at women who had kids and then worked their tails off to get back into shape and idolized them.  I wanted to be them, but didn't have the motivation to follow through.  I spent my whole life with good genes and metabolism and only now that I'm over 25 and had two kids in 1.5 years is my metabolism failing me.  I can't walk the easy road of eating whatever the heck I want, not lifting a finger and crossing my fingers that I'll stay skinny anymore. 

I want to be healthy.  I want to be in shape.  I want to look great for my husband.  I want to set a good example for my girls. 

I got sick of my own excuses for not joining a gym..."can't afford it", "too much time", "how will I work it in around our schedules?", etc, etc.  I bucked up and realized I own a pair of running shoes and an iPod and that's all I needed to start running.  No money involved, no special driving into town just for a work out.  Just me and some shoes. 

I began by going "balls out".  I strapped on the shoes, did a few stretches and then ran like the dickens, stopping to walk only when I thought my lungs might explode and my legs would fall off.  I came home with a burning throat and chest and legs so sore I could barely walk for 3 days afterward.  I decided that might not be the best route and googled "How to start running".  I came across this article on that has been AMAZING in setting me up for success for a life-long habit of running.  I opened and read all the articles I could about proper form, proper breathing, how to avoid injury, how to stretch properly, etc and realized I was doing EVERYTHING WRONG.  Not just like a little bit wrong but the wrongest of the wrongs in every wronging way possible.  Because of the articles, I figured out how to breathe so my chest wasn't on fire and I wasn't gasping for breath, I figured out the proper way to land on my foot so I didn't get shin splints or other injuries, and I was seeing progress every single run. Each time I'm able to run a little bit further and a little bit longer than last time.

That was 7 weeks ago.  I started running 1 minute then 6 minutes of walking and doing that 3 times.  I'm now up to running 8 minutes and walking 1 minute and doing that 4 times.  I'm amazed at what my body is capable of.  I'm seeing improved energy levels, lung capacity and endurance.  I've lost an inch or two around the ol' muffin tops and shed around five pounds.  I'm loving the time to myself and what a great stress reliever running has become for me. 

With my feet to the pavement I'm encouraged and motivated to continue on and keep pushing forward.


erikakobewka said...

Good for you Kindra! Sounds like you've caught the running bug! I have to say, there is nothing like the achievement of going further and further in your runs. Keep at it! You should register for a race! During the summertime, particularly on holiday weekends, some races are dirt cheap if not free here in Edmonton. I wonder if it's the same in Lethbridge? You could do a 5Km, no sweat! Even though its frightening to be running next to 50 year olds that can run faster than you, I have to say running in a race really boosted my determination and confidence.

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Thanks Erika! I have actually been looking into races for the last little while now and decided to go for it and run a 5K race this Saturday! We have to drive to a little down south of here, but we're going to make a family day out of it since the town has a really great outdoor pool. I'm really excited about it. There's a free 4.5K run on Canada Day that I'm going to run as a kind of practice run for Saturday.

Thanks for the encouragement!

erikakobewka said...

Nice Kindra! Let me know how it goes! Wooo hoo!

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