Monday Morning Merriment


Monday morning my house was still in tea party mayhem mode.  Toys were strewn about the floor, balloons meandering into hidden corners of the house, tiny porcelain tea cups waiting to be washed and a garbage can overflowing with brightly coloured wrapping paper and remnants of toy boxes.

I hesitated before attacking the mess, just wanting to sip my coffee and enjoy the presence of my girl's and their wild and crazy bed heads and sleep crusted eyes.

The thought crossed my mind that we could begin clean up, yet still soak up and enjoy our time together. So I went to the drawer and pulled out a sharp pen.

and we began popping...
How do you like my hobo baby with her toes poking out of both footies and her soggy diaper spilling out of the clasps?
 and popping....

and the rip roarious laughter bellowed through the house as we pop after popped the balloons.

It was a good way to start the week.


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