With a Snuggle and a Stroke of Her Hair....

Is it bad to say that I almost kind of love it when Eva gets sick?  Of course I hate that she's in pain or uncomfortable, and I most definitely do not love cleaning up puke but when she is already such a sweet and cuddly girl, sickness brings it to a whole new level.  I get to witness her utter tenderness and gentleness of spirit.

She woke from her sleep on Monday night, so I held her head and cradled her body among blankets on the couch.  She felt warm and said her tummy hurt, so Steve handed us a puke bowl just in case.  She nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck and just let me stroke her hair while I rocked her back and forth.  Soon her tummy ache turned into a lunge and a purge but as a seasoned veteran at this, I was ready with the puke bowl.  I continued to cradle and rock my girl, stroking her head and loving her complete trust and love in her Mama.

She spent the day at home with Daddy as I had to go and teach preschool.  I so badly wanted to be the one home with her, cuddling with blankets on the rocking chair and watching her favourite movies. Steve did a wonderful job being there for her when I couldn't, and they coloured pictures and cuddled together.  She sat curled up with blankets on the couch, bowl in hand, and kept sighing sighs, each bigger and louder than the last  "ahhhh"  "aaaahhhhh" "aaaaahhhhhhhh" just to make sure we didn't forget that her tummy hurt.

After I got home from work I squeezed in my cuddle time with her.  We read books while I lie beside her in her bed, puke bowl nestled in beside her.

We read about dinosaurs and talked about the things she missed at preschool, like learning the letter "m" and painting with shaving cream to make snowmen.  She hugged me tight and told me she loved me.  And I told her I loved her right back.

I hope you feel better baby girl.  I really did enjoy Mama-ing you while you were sick today.  Thank you for these tender moments.


Anonymous said...

Eva, we hope that you are feeling better. Isn't it nice when mommys and daddys are there to hug and snuggle you!? Aunty Tor loves you.

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